Polycom VVX and Lync – Deactivate video calls

When using Polycom VVX phones with Lync, you should ALWAYS prepare a provisioning server to distribute configuration to your phones. Please visit Jeff Schertz’s blog where you will find a very detailed description how to achieve this: http://blog.schertz.name/2013/05/provisioning-polycom-sip-phones/

I came across some weird problems with the VVX phones (internal calls from VVX to VVX got declined, transferring calls between VVX phones failed). It seems that in some cases the polycom phones try to make video calls between eachother and this is NOT implemented in the UC firmware at the moment (UC Firmware 5.1.1 and 5.2.0)

Please turn off video mode on your polycom phones using this parameter in your cfg file:


BTW consult the Polycom UC Software admin guide for furhter details: http://plcmtechnet.com/documents/voice/ucs/5-2/administrators-guide/polycom-uc-software-5-2





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